From the publishers of "The Universalist" newspaper
Dear readers!

       Here is a new newspaper "The Universalist". It gives an opportunity to all the people with sane mind to have a look at our life and at that what is going on in our politics and society, from a fundamentally new viewpoint. Wherein does the novelty of such an approach lie? First of all an analysis of the events is carried out on the base of the reasons which have caused those events - those reasons which people are not disposed to ponder over and call all of them by such vague and prostituted - in public consciousness - terms as mystics and occultism. However neither science nor orthodox religion is able to answer the basic questions of human society development; all their hypotheses and teachings are vague and discrepant. Such themes as life after death, evolution of man in subtle worlds, sense of living, seeming unfairness in the nature are not taken seriously in any of periodicals. Why does man have to believe in God as an abstraction? All the Gods used to come to Earth in human appearance. Where have They gone then, where are They now, and can man follow their example? These and similar questions are tried to be answered by religious philosophers and the so called extrasensory individuals and sectarians. All their interpretations are manifold, discrepant and reflecting only a part of the truth. The task of our newspaper is to inform readers of a universal approach to perception of Spirituality conveyed in such fundamental sources as Holy Scriptures of different nations, theosophyc literature, books by the Tibetan and Alice A. Bailey, Himalayan Mahatmas' teaching and other authors who work in the same direction.
       The main part of the newspaper will be made up of articles written by the followers of the universal teaching, and of surveys of the books by a Himalayan Master Djwhal Khul (dictated through Alice A. Bailey in1953). These articles include an analysis of the world problems of vital importance and are fragments of the universal teaching contained in numerous books by this author.