In this article I'd like to represent a fundamentally new point of view elucidating the causes that had led to the fall of the Soviet system in our country.

        It happened so, that the following fact had become obvious for many people: both capitalists and communists are moved by the same motive, namely the acquisition of the material well-being. The only difference between them is the way in which the material resources are to be distributed. The first ones have these riches provided for a small per cent of the planetary population, i.e. for the so-called 'golden billion', the latter ones would like these material values to be distributed among the working masses. The capitalistic system is based on free competition, due to which excess profit is only received by a small group of financial oligarchs who - in order to preserve and increase it - distribute a part of it in their protective stratum, namely among the middle class. This protective stratum is like a buffer between the oligarchs and the poorest layers of society which are, in fact, the main producers of the commodity output.

        In the socialist system there are no financial oligarchs but people who are responsible for the distribution of material resources - an army of officials and managers. The communist ideology is grounded on a sound moral basis which, however, didn't prevent various kinds of rascals penetrating political structures of the Soviet society. Thus we can admit that this basis, sound as it may be, is insufficient for preserving the hierarchical power structures in all their purity. And sooner or later that very power will become corrupted. That's what we have got! It became corrupted as many of those who joined the communist party did not intend to gain a higher morality and to serve people selflessly. They believed that the morality, being an ephemeral ideal, "couldn't be put on their bread like butter", whereas the helm of power and privileged shops were very concrete and real things. As for the formula "you give according to your ability and receive according to your work", it was very vague too. In this formula 'ability' and 'work' were rather abstract concepts, but their value was determined by a material - i.e. a very concrete - reward, namely by money and material possession! But that what is concrete determines everything else! Can you imagine a monk in a monastery who receives a wage for his spiritual work, and the more holy he is the higher wage he receives and in the more comfortable cell he lives? But quite the reverse is true: the monk's reward is not money but the power of grace which is overshadowing and transfiguring him! And it is thanks to its abundance that he can heal people both spiritually and physically. Thus we can see that communists didn't admit reality of a high moral idea - that of grace - which has much more value than all material benefits. But if the ideology itself postulates the dominance of the matter over the Spirit, then of how high moral standards should every official be not to abuse his official position for his own benefit? And taking into account that such positions are often taken by those who are moved by greed and ambition, we can easily foresee the failure of any attempt to build a humane society based on the abstract concept of 'fair distribution' of the material resources already mentioned. But who is the guarantor and the 'theurgist' of justice? He is again the official! All this we can see in our Soviet history. It is in the party and the nomenclature circles that the powerful altruistic impulse, given by the Marxist-Leninist Doctrine during the revolution, had been slowly fading away and later gave birth to politicians who turned traitors and revived the bourgeois system. By the way, they revived the bourgeois system under the banner of increasing human well-being. Artem Tarasov, one of the first swindlers and businessmen in our country, used to say: "At the beginning we ought to feed the people and then to organize spirituality and rest". He said it - and left for France with appropriated money.

        What is the fundamental contradiction in the communist ideology? The answer is simple: Both capitalism and communism have a common basis, it is materialism.

        Look at the countries where people are more or less fed - at the prosperous European countries, as it seems at first sight. There the system of producing and consuming material goods has been made a principle of the social philosophy. There indulgence of any vile instinct - externally cultured - has been made a principle of the human values. These countries where the bulk of people have been turned into consuming biorobots are even called civilized by very many communists. Does it mean that for them these countries serve as an example? As for the American civilization of which we have partaken a lot, we can judge about it by the liquid manure of mass culture which has poured into our country when the locks were open for the so-called freedom of speech and new ideas. Yes, it was useful for us to enjoy this forbidden fruit whose sweetness was praised by our dissidents and so-called 'democrats' so loudly. But the system of material consuming without possible human perfecting along the spiritual lines will cause degradation of the society, bring it back to the evolution of the animal kingdom which evolves mostly by the instincts of self-reproduction and self-preservation. In this case the mankind will perfect the technical side of its being to the detriment of perfecting men and women and their passing into the next and a higher evolution - that of the Souls. According to the Occult Doctrine there are seven kingdoms in nature, or seven evolutionary levels, on our planet earth. The four kingdoms in nature are well-known: they are the mineral one, the vegetable one, the animal one and the human one. The three higher kingdoms embody the perspective of evolutionary development for man. They are the kingdom of Souls (Angels), or The Hierarchy of Light, which follows the human kingdom. The next higher evolution is the Evolution of Monads. The Masters of Shamballa, such as Christ and Buddha, belong to it. And the highest evolution on our planet is the Evolution of the Logos - that of a Being whose body of manifestation is our planet. There are still higher cosmic evolutions but this article does not deal with the Occult Doctrine which would need many volumes to be explained in detail. Not to mention that this knowledge has been given to the mankind long ago.

        Thus communists "got caught in an endless loop" of the purely materialistic basis of their high indeed moral ideas which lead to the evolutionary development of the mankind. Socialism is a condition, or method, of building principally a new type of society oriented towards the further progress in evolution. A possibility of this development of every person is hidden under the veil of death behind which there is uncertainty. That is an insurmountable threshold for the materialistic consciousness. And here again the communist and the capitalistic systems do have a common position as the religion in the West is very formal and gives a very inconcrete and mythological answer to this question. The problem of death is the main question of the human society which people evade in every possible way. A person with bourgeois mentality says: "I will live for myself and for my relatives, and apres moi le deluge", "life is short, and I'll take everything out of it". And all those who do take out everything from life, do it at the other's expense, not pondering on consequences of their doing so, as death - so they think - will spare them responsibility for everything they have done.

        A person with communist mentality thinks: "I will live for the benefit of the whole society working for a great goal of establishing brotherhood and equality for all people. After my death all I will have done will be left to people". Most probably ants and bees have the same feeling of brotherhood and collectivism, and care for their "neighbors". And they also have a perspective goal which is to build a big and beautiful ant-hill or honeycombs, etc., for all their community. The same situation is typical of many animal species which live by colonies. They may also have an elaborated language of communication and organs of perception which are often more perfect than those of man. And only some of them, tamed by man, begin to demonstrate a principally new level of understanding. One can make a conclusion that the human brotherhood is effective only when it leads to a higher level of evolution instead of limiting itself to the animal instinct of the surviving of the human population. The bees, tamed by man, are more intelligent then their wild congeners. The same concerns domestic animals as well. All kingdoms in nature on earth advance in their evolutionary development. The consciousness, taking a more and more perfect form, is developing from a mineral, through a plant and an animal to a human being.

        And suddenly - nobody knows why - man begins to state that it is he who is the goal of the evolution of the universe and the crown of all creation! The communist or the capitalist society is the greatest one created by the Mother Nature. And those who represent these two types of mentality, with all their imperfections and proud certainty that they are the final product of the Universe, bar progress upon the evolutionary ladder. Are the two types of mentality the most interesting of all that exists in our solar system, not to mention our galaxy? It is enough to say that the mankind is - evolutionally - to the Hierarchy of Angels what is the animal kingdom to the human one. A human personality is for an Angel like an obstinate animal. But man feels as if he is the crown of all creation. Of course, many institutes of various orthodox religions recognize existence of a Highest Intelligence, which is called God, in order to exonerate us from such a huge responsibility of being the most intelligent being in the Universe. Nevertheless the bulk of people consider the existence of this God needless for their ordinary cares and everyday life; for them He plays the role of a distant but influential relative, by the name of which cunning priests gain power and money by sprinkling, hallowing, blessing and by interpreting the will of this Supreme Being as they wish. Of course, in the orthodox religions as in the other institutions there are people who understand our evolutionary correlation with the Heavenly World correctly, but they are the minority.

        Jesus Christ is called God, but nobody except a small group of people agree to admit, that Jesus is an earthly person, who has ascended some steps higher than the rest of the mankind. And he is not alone, the same was done, for example, by Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed. Almost all the Masters of Shamballa have come of the mankind, and sooner or later all of us are to follow their example. We should do it instead of praying icons hypocritically and - on leaving the church and feeing relief - sinking into the depths of materialism, or behaving as if we are 'already saved'. It won't help. It is already long ago that the Knowledge of how to find the way to the realms of new evolutionary opportunities has been given to the mankind by its Elder Brothers, nevertheless people are enchanted by their grandeur of the conquerors of nature. But as a bulldozer, in order to clean the place for a road, will crush an ant-hill (a symbol of the ant civilization's grandeur) in an eyewink, so the unknowable nature will destroy the mankind's ant-hills in carrying forward its Plan. As a result, the ignorant mankind, having rejected the higher knowledge and its evolutionary opportunity, will die, leaving only a handful of pioneers who have perceived a Divine Revelation. The legends about Atlantis and Noah's arc are grounded on a real historical basis.

        The communist idea has proclaimed and brought to being the highest human qualities which lead to the next stage in the human development. It is on that stage that man discovers through his experience the reality of his Soul - the next body in which he, as a self-conscious entity, is to evolve, and which isn't bound by death and coarseness of his physical carcass.

        Do you remember the words of a song: "We will carry the fire of our Soul and the banner of our country through Universes and ages"? These words are quite true, and during the Soviet system's period many men and women have experienced this state when the banner of the Soul - not that of profit at all costs - was flying over them! The Soul Evolution has its own laws, its own Worlds and Rulers. The Soul's body is more real, than the physical one as after the death of the physical body that of the Soul continues to live and to evolve in more subtle worlds than our coarse material world. Not a single scientist can deny than the whole visible world consists of atoms which are energetic units with their own levels of vibration. These atoms are grouped in so-called 'dense' physical forms which are visible to our eyes. But many forms which consist of atoms cannot be perceived by our physical sight, though scientists do perceive them with their different devices. It is better to say that there is no physical matter except that of atoms on different levels of vibratory activity. Roughly speaking, subtle worlds, spiritual spheres are all of them the levels of enormously increased activity of atoms or other particles which also change in quality due to increased vibration. The consciousness - whether it is mineral, vegetable, animal or human one - is also a sum of atoms with certain vibration. The Evolution goes on from inert levels to more intensive light-bearing levels of vibratory activity. That's why consciousness - having transcended the human evolution - no more needs a sheath which consists of atoms of low vibratory activity. Our 'physical body' becomes too coarse for the Consciousness. Every person is connected with his next level of evolution - with his or her Soul (his Solar Angel, or Guardian Angel). The Soul uses man or woman for its manifestation in our coarse world. It is like a diver who puts on a diving suit to go down into the sea depths. Here many things will be left untold otherwise we will have to go into the details of the occult doctrine which isn't the task of this article. Not to mention that the more information is given the more questions arise. It is only important for the reader to intuit the fact that this approach to the problem of defeat of communists and of all the mankind as well (as communists are its vanguard on the external and social plane) attracts attention to those features of the fundamental communist ideology which are the most dim and vague. Even more so as the basic questions of life and death are left unanswered. This article is by no means intended to unleash polemics with cunning scientific minds. It is important for the reader only to decide whether this approach to our problem suits him or her principally. If it doesn't, no discussions will be useful as those ideas don't represent one more platform of the Marxist-Leninist ideology. But if the reader feels this approach to be quite a logical one, and that 'there is some zest in it', then a dialogue may be proved productive, and incomprehensive details may be explained.

        But let's return to our problem. Why did communists recognize the Soul only as a banner? People have experienced and worked out the real state of the Soul during the Soviet period. Nowadays the next step is necessary which will explain the communist idea from a point of view of subtler matter. To do it the official ideology of the Communist Party will have to recognize a new stage in the communist development. This new stage is to be based on the really proclaimed laws of the human Soul's development.

        The main laws are listed below:

  • The human evolution is followed by the next stage: that of Souls ruled by the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet.
  • The theory of reincarnating conscious human entity which is developing and gaining experience not only on the sensory plane but on the subtle planes as well, must be adopted. (This theory is well known in the East and much lesser in the West).
  • The law of the responsibility of a conscious being for all which it has done in the process of gaining experience on the dense and subtle planes. In the East it is called the Law of Karma.
  • The knowledge about the evolution of the universe which is given in books by the Masters of Humanity (Mahatmas) is to be the scientific ground of the Spiritual Communism.

        It is only due to such a principled renewal that the communist ideology can deserve that role of the human society's leader which it claims to play. After the Great October Socialist Revolution the Mahatmas have sent a letter of support and approval to the Soviet government. In reality it were they who were the initiators of this tremendous experiment which had taken place in our country for 70 years. And is going on now. Today the stage of the so-called separation of goats from sheep, or the last judgment, is taking place. Whose who have submitted to the power of mammon will be thrown back in their evolutionary development, and made wholly responsible for that which they have done - if not on the physical plane then on the subtle planes of being.

        And what are the communists, these exponents of the advanced idea, doing? Just as the orthodox churches used the names of their founders to establish their temporal power, so the priests of the communist idea made the same. Just as the ordinary parish is often more sincere than priests of exalted rank wallowed in corruption and commerce, so at times the ordinary communists preserve the communist idea in all its purity unlike the party bosses.

        In one of their letters the Masters call Lenin a Mahatma which means in Sanskrit a Great Soul. Many people even now feel it to be really true. Lenin was their messenger though, may be, unconsciously. He did bring in a new ideology which for the first time in the human history struck a blow to the absolute power of the golden calf on earth. It was for the first time that the power of the thirty pieces of silver was undermined. The power of the church which was encouraging the power of ignorance and material superiority, was undermined. Now it is time to strike a blow to human ignorance which hinders its evolutionary movement forward. Otherwise the mankind will be ruled not by the Spiritual Hierarchy but by its antipode which is the financial oligarchy of heartless creatures - they will be taking money for sun and air! As for communists, they will have nothing to oppose it. The oligarchs demonstrate the power of money which is quite real - but only until people are subjugated by ignorance which is the source of all the other disasters. Every capitalist will say: "But your communism exists already in Sweden and throughout Europe. What else do you want? Your slogan 'you give according to your ability and receive according to your need' has been put into practice long ago". What will a communist answer? He will enumerate the indications of the Evolution of Souls, which do not exist in the capitalistic society based on the previous stage of development, that of the human personality with its qualities of selfishness, individuality and its emphasis on the material well-being. Whereas this communist himself doesn't recognize the existence of this evolution; like a blind man he feels by touch a new and perspective Reality. But at the moment the only foundation of his existence is money and material prosperity, and a real god will - for him - be he who has a lot of it!

        Look at the life of Tibetans. They don't have the criminality problem and all the like. The reason is that the bulk of them admit the theory of reincarnation, according to which man is responsible for his actions and even thoughts as a thought is material too, it has its own existence in space and can produce both positive and negative effects by influencing the minds of men from afar. The Tibetans are not overburden with thirst of profit and momentary gain as they know that material wealth, gained unjustly, will not cross the threshold of death together with them. Whereas a crime, committed on earth, would bring them to such horrible areas of subtle worlds after death that greatest torments on earth would seem only a repose. A Tibetan knows also about the existence of a hierarchy of spiritual beings which work on the spiritual planes under Lord Buddha. Though Buddhism is for the bulk of people an orthodox religion, not based on the occult and scientific knowledge, nevertheless the main laws of human development in cosmos, which it proclaims, do eliminate those stinking vices from the society which are so characteristic of the West.

        Communism is a new system given for the next stage of human development in the coming age when the solar system is passing into the sigh of Aquarius (this is an astronomical fact which can be confirmed by every astronomer). But if communism doesn't reveal to people the mystery of the Soul's development on earth and behind the veil of death, it will suffer the same fate as that of the other orthodox religions which hold people in thrall of ignorance.

        P.S. Now, on the eve of elections [written in November 1999], a question about supporting representatives of the communist party arises. During the last elections a group of people, who share the point of view expounded in this article, carried out the work of supporting the candidates of the block "The communists for the Soviet Union". They hold meetings and talks with the leaders of one of our communist parties in an attempt to bring to their consciousness the basic contradiction in the communist idea which prevents it to be realized as a whole world's ideology. These leaders accepted their help in the party work and even listened to these new - for them - ideas. But not a single person showed a serious attitude. Their pride of being 'the crowns of all creation' and 'the history makers' told them that these 'Shambalists' (as the secretary of this communist party had said) may well be used as an active electorate for supporting the elections, etc. But they didn't want to understand a very simple principle: that morality, conscience and altruism, which were the base of the Soviet system, are not ethical concepts but indications of the real Soul body composed of a subtle matter. And if they don't admit the scientific reality of the Soul and record it in their program than the all their - as constructors of the bright future - good intentions will only lead to 'receiving according to one's needs', i.e. to that what the vegetable, animal and bourgeois society is busy with. Certainly, it's a pity, if on the Spiritual Plans of Being the word 'communist' is sounded with same scornful sarcasm which the secretary of this communist party used. And this sarcasm will concern not the ordinary members of the party but its leaders who are responsible for what is going on now.

Serguey Reznik
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