In the end of the 20th century the whole
world will worship Satan. The main
centre of temptation is the country
Tartarial (the ancient name of Russia).

Ranyo Hero,
the astrologer-prophet
of the 14th century.

        L.R.: Doesn't it seem to you, that with the liquidation of the Soviet System and bourgeois coming from the society has disappeared the positive counting off point: the truth and the conscience, and the Higher Justice, and the God!

        T.W.: No. The counting-off point has remained the same. And the truth, & the conscience, & the Higher Justice, & the God.

        L.R.: But don't you see that the people have died in its soul & body, it is disoriented? The people's life has turned into the physical surviving, the people soul is dieing.

        T.W.: But the people didn't support the communists on the elections.

        L.R.: The one who had the money had wined. The aggressive compeighn, the votes were bought or they were fidded. If the normal summaries of voting were given, the results would be different.

        T.W.: Never in my life! But the thing, you are speaking of is the natural election business. It is everywhere. Ones had had succeed the others hadn't.

        L.R.: How strange it is! Whenever it comes to the bi-horning? Of Antichrist, he is represented as the only and inevitable Low of Existence. Whatever situation you take, it turns out, that the Higher counting-off points don't exist at all, and the game with the elections is admitted with an understanding smile as a norm.

        T.W.: I must tell you that for seventy years the elections had been made, not representing at last two candidates. Here is the one and elect him! The people had been ruined. Nobody believed in what he was choosing, he simply voted. They didn't even know the difference between voting and elections. And how they already have begun to get used to...

        L.R.: What have they begun to get used to? To the thing, that they chose only those, who are rich by money? That the principle of mammon's all-power has been accepted by everybody unconditionally. That it has not only been accepted, but is specified as evil, but in addition the evil is turned out to be The Law of Life. Nowadays they even condescend to deception, because they consider that the evil has all the power and it has nobody to be hidden from. Here what it comes to!

        T.W.: The phrase "Here what it comes to" is a dishonest phrase. All the money were in one communists' hands, for 70ty years they had been making me vote for them, even if I didn't want to. They made me...

        L.R.: Well, it's clear: for you, today's evil is lesser, than that, which has been before.

        T.W.: It is the same.

        L.R.: Oh, it is the same?! Yes! Only that evil you don't like, but this evil suits you more or less.

        T.W.: No, that evil I can't stand.

        L.R.: This one you can?!

        T.W.: But here I think, I suppose, that little by little it will be exhausted, because all which is spoiled, even slowly, can be improved in time. At least, I'm myself not in this evil. I'm impressed by the freedom, which has appeared now, and it's true, though it may be in every little quantity, but I want it to come from 5 per cent to 7 per cent, from 7 per cent to 9 and so on. Here is the evolution I believe in. But in a suddenly having come happiness and having grown wings I don't believe.

        L.R.: Freedom & truth are relative concepts. The person can't be simply free. He is striving to free himself from Good or from evil. These are the involutionary & evolutionary process. Is there more Good in the capitalistic society, in your opinion?

        T.W.: Nowadays, at least, there is more freedom of speech has appeared.

        L.R.: Yes, this system is 'honest'. She says the following: the money reigns, and where is the money there is the truth. We are very honest and very open, you know everything about us. Everybody knows, for instance, who of oligarchs and how much have stolen and in what way. But that is given a 'concrete' definition something like that the results of privatization are unshakable or private ownership is sacred (put attention to what a word) and untouchable. But the fact, that in Russia a million a year has been dieing, already 150000 aids-infected people, the millions of drug addicts, the armies of bandits, mars refugees and so on and so forth is also foreseen by the law of antichrist, as it states 'the strongest survives', it means the one, who'll sell him his Soul dearer. Naturally, this process isn't called by its name. As recently a 'creative intellectual' said on TV: "And what? I like oligarchs; they are business-like, enterprising people". Such like people consider Judas among apostles to be the most enterprising, because the rest of the apostles gave the denotation to the beggars, but Judas, on the opposite, 'have managed to earn'. And to proceed from the example of the 'gospel businessman', they explain to the slow-witted and the disagreeable that in Russia there is no capital without a criminal past. This is the Law of Life. Do you remember the introduction to a tale of G.Popov? "And what do you want to gain the capital and to observe the innocence?" Here is the power of antichrist and how we are proposed to love it. Mammon and a material principle on earth is a new truth, the appearance of which you greet? Just like in Dostoevsky's: when Christ came to the great inquisitor, he said to Him "Listen, go out of here, or we will crucify you in the second time. We tell the truth to everybody that You were and You are somewhere in Heavens, but here You can't be: we are ruling, and You have nothing to do here".

        T.W.: And your communists...

        L.R.: And now let's see, how the communist, whom you "can't stand', has acted. They gave the high ideas as ideology in a pure way. His idea was a counting-off point, and many people were absorbingly devoted to it, really realized it and were born under it as new spiritual men. But there were people, who lied and imitated it. Thus, if in the time of communists' the idea reigned, which in some way was being realized, and some per cent was distorted or wasn't brought to realization, now there is now Higher Idea, there is no cheating, but there is the 'honest' low law of life, which is 'honestly' expounded by the selling souls ones. As Christ takes the love to Him out of mercy, than the antichrist must make give oneself up to him out of mercy. And which is being done here now is that he makes people to love the inevitable law of mammon, death & materialism's victory.

        T.W.: The mistake here, in my view and our divergence are in the fact, that the every communists idea had been already expounded falsely.

        L.R.: Read the books of the Master Djual Khul (through the A.Bailey). All the same He is the Master of Shambala and He is close to the Master Kut Humi, who will soon replace Christ. Djual Khul writes that the communist idea doesn't contradict to the spirit of Christ. He writes that the Christ won't come on the Earth, until the power of money is on earth. And the power of matter and the power of money are one and the same. And now the power of money is legalized in all countries. People say: the life is like this.

        T.W.: But nevertheless I see the socialism as the pre-mother of this nightmare and disgrace. And more over, whatever side I came to: By why, when in this crowd of Bolsheviks, such heap of degenerates. However there are the same in that...

        L.R.: Not bad?! To the country has come the bourgeois system which has been long existing in all countries, which have turned into the cemetery areas and you say, that that only country in the world, having jorked in the New - she is the pre-mother of evil?! Foreign capitalists threw milliards in order the matter to reign here. And in connection with the heap of degenerates I have already told you thousands of times, that the greater light burns the deeper shadow. And the next step, which is evolutionary more progressive, will naturally born massive beasts, but it is in itself is more perspective, because it is the next. But it doesn't mean that we should reduce light in order to have smaller shadow. And it is happening! Therefore it happened, that when they turned back to the capitalism, that evil of the Soviet joined the preceding evil of the democratic one and we get into the double evil. It is the evil of Antichrist. And we should have joined the Light of the Soviet to the democratic, move up to the Universal that is to say to the invocation of the Hierarchy for Her externalization on the Earth.

        T.W.: Yes, this is a good new thought, I hear it.

        L.R.: This thought people rejected. Now for them is "only death is immortal" plus more at the best the egoism of nation. But above all is the mammon.

        T.W.: Everything, that concerns the very communist idea, I'll always agree with you, and I'll be fool, if I contradict you, but when this idea was substituted at the very beginning...

        L.R.: It wasn't substituted. Simply it wasn't legalized its Higher Source, the reality of Spirit. If it was told till the end, it would be hard for the people to accept it, and at the beginning the task was to rise the most coarse layer of the mankind, that is a proletariat.

        T.W.: But the democratic idea in its basis also doesn't make an accent on the worshiping of mammon. May be in reality it happens so: But the idea doesn't praise the mammon.

        L.R.: The point is that the democratic idea aroused earlier than the communist one. It corresponds to the 2nd Ray of energy (of Son). But the soviet corresponds to the 1st Ray of energy (of Father). (This is to what I spoke about stronger light of the Soviet).The democratic idea admits the heights of democracy, and it itself, may be realizes them, but it doesn't touch the basic reign of the matter, because Son solves the problem halfly. When the Soviet came - the blow had been struck over the domination of matter, over the private ownership and the development of society moved further, to the next stage. The work became harder. It is blessed not by Son (Faith), but by Father (Life). The democratic idea was simpler in realization and that is why bi-horned in its nature: Here legalized the double ness!

        The pseudo-communists, worming themselves into power for their vanity, and those had not to touch idea. All the same they adapted themselves because they could be exposed and were exposed by real communists. And now the very lie and bi-horness are shown up as the law of life, the law of Antichrist.

        At one time pseudo-communists impute the role of Antichrist to Lenin, calling the Soviet power the power without God, though we know, that the very communists' ideas are divine. And now they defy, that they have come back to the lap of church, though all the Masters of the Hierarchy of Light greet the Universal, but not the orthodox organisms and approaches to the truth. And to what Lord does this church serve, if priests job on stock and the patriarch trades with American cigarettes?

        Here not long ago they canonized Nicolay the 2nd. Newly-backed saint smoked, used to shoot crows from sheer boredom and once he shut the people, which was coming to him with icons and prayers, because of what he was nicknamed "bloody". Here is the czar, and he is the "saint" of the today' church:

        What one dreads most that is opened to me in these days: our country has born now inside of it own antichrist. All these politicians and business people, all young and old, who have worshiped the mammon, are the cells of antichrist body, embodying the laws of his existence. They even don't trouble themselves to be covered with lie, because they need honestly to inure the people to the power of devil, in order for it (the people) to love this power. Here what it comes to! And I repeat this phrase one more time: "Here ... what ... it ... comes ... to!"

        T.W.: Yes, now I've heard this phrase!

        L.R.: And this is very frightful! After it anything you like can follow; the destruction of the mankind, the 2nd Atlantida, the cessation of the Hierarchy's help to the people on millions of years. And to expect here gradual little steps to certain goodness isn't worth now. Because such an insane performance of antichrist, who certainly knows that he is "kind", that he is gradually improves everything and all the same his law of inevitable double ness, learnt on a gross materialism, will be admitted, such time had not been on earth! Never had been!

The conversation of Ludmila Reznik with the Teodor Woolfovich,
the author of the films "The Last Inch", "Diehard" and others.

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