In June of 1926 N. Roerich handed the message of Mahatmas to the people commissar of foreign affair Chicherin and the casket with the Himalays soil and the note - "On the grave of our brother the Mahatma Lenin." (The Mahatma in translation from the sanscrit is "The Great Soul")

Our representatives visited Marx in London & Lenin in Switzerland. Obviously has pronounced the word Shamballa. In different times, but equally both leaders asked "What are the signs of Shamballa's time?" It was answered: "It is the Century of truth and universal Community". Both leaders said equally: "Let Shamballa begin the sooner".
(E.I.Roerich, "Community", p.3, II-26).

        The Space and our planet: This connection is reflected undoubtedly in the panorama of the human society's development. During the thousands of years of the history ones civilizations and cultural systems die and on their places appeared new ones, reflecting subtle energetic influences, coming on our planet from space. As far as the solar system is concerned, it moves in the space on the background of the twelve Zodiacal constellations. According to it the cycle of the movement in the space the cosmic influence of every sign amount approximately to 2000 years. If we consider the periods of blossoming and falling of religious systems on earth, which are the highest reflection of human consciousness's development in society, we shall see, that they correspond to the continuance of this cycle approximately about 2000 years. It must be noted, that the transition of the Sun from one zodiac to the other one occurs not immediately, but takes a certain period. In this period one observes the gradual fading of the former social and religious forms of society's development and the birth, confirmation of new ones. It doesn't mean, that the Spiritual fathers of every of religion grew older and lose the power of their influence on the mankind. Simply the Spiritual Individuals, like Buddha and Christ, change obsolete forms of religions and social formations into the new ones, corresponding to the fresh energetic influences.

        As a rule, when the solar system stays on the border of two zodiacs and experiences the growing influence of the following zodiac and the fading influence of the preceding one, in human society increases crisis phenomena. When the previous conditions of development have not already satisfied, but they are firmly rooted in the organism of the mankind, but new influences meet furious repulse from the side of the established norms, the cataclysms take place, wars and revolutions, sweeping the old order aside.

        The most significant event on the border of the changing of two hundred years cycles was the Great October Socialist revolution and the spreading of the socialistic and communist ideology about the world. These phenomena marked the beginning of the transition of our Solar System in the constellation of the Aquarius, following the zodiac of the Pisces (The symbol of the Aquarius is figure of a person, pouring water of life from a vessel. This is a symbol of a person, living for the help and service to his brothers, giving, as Christ has foretold, the water of Life for free.) But the coming away influence of the Pisces is steel strong, and almost in every field of thought we see two moving forces as the consequence of the influences of the Pisces' and Aquarius's energies. The world political arena is divided into the groups of people, the part of them considers themselves to be patriots and professes nationalism, but the other part, more progressive, begins to be filled with the Spirit of brotherly internationalism. On the religious field, we again see the division between the one, who senses the universality of Divine Influence on the mankind, and those, who furiously stands up for the priority of a national religion, calls to the fight with (иноверцы). In the field of economy this is transition from the competitive fight, tendencies to the accumulation of the material riches, greed and the instinct of private property to the increasing spirit of brotherly mutual aid, the fair distribution of material resources and the leading rile of public property on the means of production.

        The new energies of the Aquarius in the form of the leading communist ideology took root in a mankind's family, which the last 2000 years had developed under the influence of the Pisces. The influence of this constellation, a progressive at the beginning, to the end of its cycle had degenerated into dogmatic warlike religions; the apologists of those were dumb to the needs of simple people, blessing the power of money bags. These reactionary powers regrouped and began to put up a furious fight to coming in progressive energies and their bearers. In this way in the environment of those, who were taken the responsibility for precipitation materialization and the development of a new ideology in the society, two dearly oriented groups have singled out.

        One politics, inclined to answer to the going away influence of the Pisces, strove for to use the progressive energies of the Aquarius for their egoistic aims. This group, though had declared new ideological orientations and the methods of government, on the practice used the totalitaristic methods, characteristic for the century of the Pisces, standing up for their commanding powers and material status in the damage of a common good.

        The other group put the moral ideals of the communist into practice, not taking care about their political career and not compromising with their conscience. These people always tried to broaden and to enrich the spiritual constituent, inherent in communist ideas. Even Lenin wrote: "Marxism is not a dogma, but a guide to action. We do not pretend that Marx and Marxists know the way to the socialism in all its concreteness, it is o nonsense. We know the DIRECTION of its way, we know, what class forces lead to it, but concretely, practically the experience of millions will show it, when they start working". (The complete works of Lenin, volume 14, the 2nd part, pages 83-84). In this way real Bolsheviks, like Lenin, took into consideration, that to begin the reorganizations in the society was necessary under the guidance of a certain scientific world view, which in the epoch of Russian revolution were based on the facts of European natural sciences, answering that very epoch. But even with this, as A.Deborin wrote in his book 'Lenin is a militant materialist': "Lying in the basis of Bolshevik's world view nature-philosophical system is a materialism, by the words these very Bolshevik, with every making the epoch discovery as in the field of natural sciences, so in the field of history the mankind CHANGES ITS FORM".

        Such a change of the form of Marxist philosophy became imminent to the moment, when the reactionary group in the environment of the political government of the USSR made an improper accent on the overwhelming dictatorship of the proletariat as the class, ruling by the totalitaristic methods and opposing themselves to the intelligentsia, to which was allotting a serving, submitted role. It became obvious because the main aim of communist society's development was the reaching of materialistic wealth, the basic producer of which was the working class and the technical intelligentsia. Moral and spiritual wealth wasn't recognized to have the status of the basic value and didn't have the equivalent of accumulation such visual as the material one.

        In such way the very ideology of the communism with its moral postulates had formed under the influence of the entering in the manifestation energies of the Aquarius, but the final aim of its achievements rooted deeply in the epoch of the Pisces. This hidden paradox had to bring the good intentions of the 1st revolutionaries into the hell of today's mercenary & spiritless of the party administrative workers, having changed the party card on the cheque book. It's deeply symbolizing, that the role of the traitor of the communist ideals played M.Gorbachev, born under the sign of the Pisces.

        On the joint of the interests of these two antagonistic groups, formed in the party of Bolshevik, under the chairmanship of F.E.Dzerzhinsky in the end of 1924 took place the meeting of the USPG board, on which was listened the report of A.V.Barchenko, the member of the Scientific conference of Petrograd's institute of the brain's study and mental activity (Behterev headed the institute). In this speech he in details stated the theory of existence of the secluded scientific body in Central Asia, to which is known a special complex method, presenting itself the highest level of the universal knowledge and the project of the establishment of the contact of the owner of its mysteries. As a result with the support of G.I.Bokiy (the head of the Special department, at USPG) and Y.S.Agranov (the commissar of state security and the deputy of people commissariat) on the board with the full support of F.E.Dzerzhinsky was taken the decision to charge G.I.Bokiy to get acquainted in details with A.V.Barchenko's project and to derive a possible benefit from it. From this moment the secret laboratory of neuroenergetics began work in one of the Moscow energetic institute's block. Its special-purpose financing was performed by the special department at USPG. As a matter of fact the Special department was the subdivision of the CC AUCP(b) and subjected to the Central Committee of the Party. When after the report on the board with Barchenko and Bokiy a separate talk took place, Barchenko said literally the following: "The contact with the Shamballa is able to bring the mankind out of bloody madness, this fierce fight, in which it is being hopelessly drowned". In several days on Bokiy's secret address, in the atmosphere of strict secret ness, got together close to him people I.M.Moskvin (the candidate, latter the member of the CC AUCPb), B.S.Stomonyakov (the deputy of people commissar of foreign affairs), Kostrikin (engineer, Bokiy's institute fellow). Their aim has the creation of the Moscow centre 'The United Working Brotherhood' (The UWB). The meeting began with Barchenko's speech. He was much exited. Remembering the beginning of revolution, he said: "...according to the progressive movement of the revolution appeared the pictures of the downfall of all human values, the pictures of fierce physical extermination of people. The questions aroused before me: how, why, in the power of what destitute workers got into the brutishly-roaring crowd, in masses destroying the cogitation workers, the conductors of human's ideals, how to change the violent hostility between common people and the cogitation workers? How to settle these contradictions? To admit the dictatorship of the proletariat didn't answer to my world view". These Barchenko's words plunged presented people literally into a shock, but he continued: "For me the question increases much more: it means all the bloody victims of the revolution turned out to be in vain, in the future much more bloody victims of new revolutions much more wilder mankind?! The key to the solving of problems is in Shamballa, this secret hearth, where are saved the traces of knowledge and experience of that society, which was on much more higher level of social and materialistic-technical development, than the modern society. Since this is so, it's necessary to find out ways to Shamballa and to establish the contact with It. The principal in it could be the people, free from the attachment to things, property, aren't aspired to personal enrichment, free from egoism, it means having reached the high moral perfections. In this way, it was necessary to determine the platform, on which people of different world outlooks could have deadened their temporary social contradictions and have risen to the understanding of question's importance. From here the main principles of the UWB are: the rejection of class struggle in society, an open access in the organization to the people without irrespective of their class, political and religious belonging, the admittance of the Hierarchy Masters of the mankind and respect to religious cults". It happened in December of 1924. But in spring & summer of 1925 Bokiy and Barchenko had already been busy with the preparations of the Special Department's expedition to the Shamballa approved by the USPG board. In the end of July everything was practically ready, it had been necessary just to carry documents through the ranks of Soviet bureaucracy institutions. But here on the foreground came not the interests of the society, but the machinery intrigues of the careerist's inside the USPG. The head of secret service Trilisser and the head of contra secret service G.Yagoda, having his private grudges with Bokiy, made arrangements about mutual actions on the destruction of the expedition. They managed to incline the people commissar of the foreign affairs Chicherin to their side, who at the beginning supported the decision of the USPG's board. As a result they abolished the expedition in the very last moment, because at the 1st of August Chicherin gave a negative recall about it on the Political Bureau.

        But even in spite of it, the secret laboratory at the Special department had been existed twelve years, until the May of 1937. In it has made sensational experiments on study & demonstration of telepathically waves, the transmit ion of thoughts on the distance and so on. Sometimes Barchenko was invited to the Kremlin to give a lection in the close circle of party administrative workers with the head of the CEC secretary of the USSR Avel Enukidze.

        That, what the scientist spoke about didn't go in the plans of the bright future's constructors. The scientist maintained that in the nearest 120 years on the Earth the global cataclysms would take place with the most dismal consequences for the area of the USSR. Such catastrophes, he pointed out had already happened in the history of the mankind. He told about sad destiny of the mythical continents, which are the Lemuria and the Atlantida. Having reached the highest level of the 'ancient science' development, but having turned on the path of materialistic degradation, these colossi of the civilization were washed away by the world-wide flood. Just separate high parts of ancient continents were not swallowed up by the world ocean, and there are in the mountains the secret knowledge of past epoch has been being saved till now. Such a conspiracy centre, Barchenko maintained, is the Shamballa. From this place originated the clots of mental energies directed into the space of the planet. They are generated by the greatest Sages, the level of knowledge of whose is incomparably higher than the state of modern science. These people, Barchenko said, the real political telepaths are capable to influence on the course of history.

        Until Dzerzhinsky had been alive, had been alive the idea of the expedition to Shamballa. After the intrigue of Trilliser, Yagoda and Chicherin in the summer of 1925 Felix Edmundovich took an active attack against deputy chairmen's plot. Dzerzhinsky raised Bokiy's hopes, that that year really, at all costs the expedition would take place. But in July, the 20th, 1926 after the speech on CC plenum Dzerzhinsky had died from the infarction. That tragic fact became fatal not only for the members of "The United Working Brotherhood", but in many ways for the further destiny of the Soviet Union. The vacancy of USPG's head was taken by the neutral and guided Menzhinsky, not let into the plans of the expedition. The real power was seized by the deputy chairmen, but they ferociously hated Bokiy with his expedition.

        On the May, the 16th, 1937 Gleb Bokiy, the chief of the combined department of the board #4 at PCIA was called to the people commissar of internal affairs Nicolai Ezhov, who demanded from him the compromising files on some party administrative workers and the members of the CC. Bokiy, according with the taken vacancy and the direct instructions of Lenin gathered the files on all Soviet leaders and was the guardian of these mysteries. Ezhov literally said the following: "This is the order of comrade Stalin!" Bokiy indignantly parried: "And what is Stalin for me?! I was put by Lenin on this work!" These words cost him a life.

        The secret file served the reason for the elimination of everybody, who was aware about its existence. What 'state mysteries' did this file contain? As the PCIA archive's investigators affirm, in this 'black book' were kept, for example, the facts, that Isaak Babel was the lover of Ezhov's wife, and Ezhov himself is the homosexual. That Agranov, the head of secret department of the PCIA, lived with Lilya Brick, the wife of comcor Primakov. That Stalin and Enukidze sleep with the actress of Pyatnytsky chorus, and Karahan and all the states leader old man Kalinin loved the ballet dancers from the Bolshoi theatre and so on, and so forth.

        The first was shot Bokiy (15.11.1937), than the member of the CC Moskvin (27.11.1937), after they followed Barchenko (30.04.1938) and the deputy of the people commissar of foreign affairs Stomonyakov (16.07.1941) and many others:

        In this way, having rejected the Humanity Masters help hand, the party chiefs gave themselves under the influence of cosmic evil powers and the consequences of their blunt love of power we had been reaping until now.

        The Mahatmas in the message to the soviet government seemingly foresaw beforehand such a turn of events that is why it was ended so: ":Know, many constructions would take place in years 28-31-36. We greet you, seeking for Common Good!" How little were turned out to be worthy this Message.

Leonid Tsarev

In this article were used the materials from O.Shishkin's Book "The Fight for the Himalays"

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