Today an ever-increasing Light is being sent into the world, bringing to the planet the guarantee of immortality and a New Revelation of the divine potentials within human being. We are living through a period of a major spiritual initiation. But this is also a time of danger and peril for narrow-minded people with particularly material orientation.

        The Bank of the Spirit - or the Bank of Money! Does the Spirit prevail over form, or does form prevail over Spirit? That is the main question in our time as the Principle of Life, or the First Ray, is gaining influence. Now, it is not so important how we think or what we love. What is important is what we are ultimately guided by, what we are in total.

        The most significant event on the border of the changing of two hundred years cycles was the Great October Socialist revolution and the spreading of the socialistic and communist ideology about the world. These phenomena marked the beginning of the transition of our Solar System in the constellation of the Aquarius, following the zodiac of the Pisces (The symbol of the Aquarius is figure of a person, pouring water of life from a vessel. This is a symbol of a person, living for the help and service to his brothers, giving, as Christ has foretold, the water of Life for free.) But the coming away influence of the Pisces is steel strong, and almost in every field of thought we see two moving forces as the consequence of the influences of the Pisces' and Aquarius's energies. The world political arena is divided into the groups of people, the part of them considers themselves to be patriots and professes nationalism, but the other part, more progressive, begins to be filled with the Spirit of brotherly internationalism. On the religious field, we again see the division between the one, who senses the universality of Divine Influence on the mankind, and those, who furiously stands up for the priority of a national religion, calls to the fight with (). In the field of economy this is transition from the competitive fight, tendencies to the accumulation of the material riches, greed and the instinct of private property to the increasing spirit of brotherly mutual aid, the fair distribution of material resources and the leading rile of public property on the means of production.

        The new energies of the Aquarius in the form of the leading communist ideology took root in a mankind's family, which the last 2000 years had developed under the influence of the Pisces. The influence of this constellation, a progressive at the beginning, to the end of its cycle had degenerated into dogmatic warlike religions; the apologists of those were dumb to the needs of simple people, blessing the power of money bags. These reactionary powers regrouped and began to put up a furious fight to coming in progressive energies and their bearers. In this way in the environment of those, who were taken the responsibility for precipitation materialization and the development of a new ideology in the society, two dearly oriented groups have singled out.

        Light is being sent into the world. It is a powerful force, streaming from Shamballa, the planetary center where "the will of God is known". Only twice in the history of our planet has this energy of Shamballa, the energy of the First Ray of Will, directly impacted upon humanity. The first time was in ancient Lemuria during the individualisation of humanity. The second time was during the Atlantean period, when the Forces of Light fought against the Forces of Materialism. In our own age, during the past twentieth century, it has poured forth from Shamballa on three occasions; from 1936 to 1945, in the year 1975, and the last time in the year 2000. This has been a demonstration of the beneficial Will of God, of the new and powerful life energy which again has precipitated the conflict between the Forces of the Dark and the Light Hierarchies.

        We know that the Black Lodge is occupied with that aspect of matter, in which emphasis is placed upon the importance of material forms over Spirit. Today the power of money, materialism and selfishness is found in conflict with spiritual energy. The ancient expression "God or Mammon" is now being transformed into living action according to choice in manner of survival upon Earth. A person reacts to the inflowing energies of Will in accordance with his equipment and the nature of his subtle bodies, and though accumulating material wealth was in the past appropriate, now comes the time for a powerful shift in human consciousness into the world of truth, spiritual understanding and the intangible, but higher standards of living.

        Joind activity of Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity, and particularly the direct influence of Shamballa upon humanity (without mediation of Hierarchy) places humanity in the situation, by which the spiritual development of man, earlier having arrived at some degree of faith and aspiration, must now require the real construction of their bodies of subtle matter, significants for development in the spheres which have causal of political, economic and even physical life.

        The world that survives, is a world where there is a real absence of the domination of the material over the spiritual, where the Spirit holds control, where the fact of the existence of God is established not on the level of faith, but through the assistance of an inter-relationship of humanity with God, through experiencing the fact of Immortality, through continuity of Revelation and through real approaches between Divinity and humanity.

        The time has come to consider truly rich people on our planet, not by counting money-bags, but rather those who have become conscious of the Divine, who are receptive to contact with the Divine. Such channels of Communication condition subsequent political movements, and the destiny and progress of the races and nations. The work of all World Servers (acting as channels for communication) consists of the distribution of the Divine Force. They are fulfilling this work. And so it is becoming possible to synchronise the Approaches of Divinity and humanity and to influence the masses of people in the technique of such Invocation of Approach. And so gradually the Hierarchy of Light is externalising upon Earth.

        The Masters and initiates are now working exoterically among the people. This work requires the skilful use of the Science of Contact, as the ability to remain untouched by evil upon the physical plane, evil which is fighting against the externalisation of the spiritual Work.

        To eliminate evil, means therefore to strengthen the vertical energies of the Soul in every person, in every situation. It is important to strengthen the Life energy within those around us, so to awaken their Souls to Reality. The Masters call this process, the process of Applied Purification. We, the World Servers in Russia, are well familiar with the definite construction of the antahkarana (the Stairway of the Soul), by which the forces of Soul and matter truly unite within the ring of Spirit. (So progresses the unique work under the influence of the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic, and it is precisely this Ray that governs the Soul of Russia.)

        As can be seen, such occult terms as "Externalisation of the Hierarchy", "the work of Stepped Down Cliches", "Applied Purification", "the Magic of Ringing" now acquire a status of Real action. The Spiritual (aside from its Glory) finds qualities of realization inherent in the pole of Strength. The gathering of separate people or of whole communities into a "Bank of the Spirit" begins to acquire a similar energetic force, though not yet as big, as with the Money Bank. Conscious initiatory work of the Groups of World Servers in all countries creates a real reservoir of energetic Force, which provides for people the possibility of "life more abundantly" (to use an expression of Master Djwhal Khul).

        Now we have reached that stage, where there arises the need to be of the Spirit, where the Bank of Spirit asserts control over the Money Bank. And so we come to the great polarization of people, choosing their path for life survival. People differ not by ideologies or belief systems, but rather by what they are ultimately guided by under the influence of the First Ray of Will and Life, whether by Life or by the Mortal Form, and so they make more sure, that only as they place God above Mammon, that they give Meaning, Power and even physical survival to our Humanity.

L. Morieva
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